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Current Sermon Series



 Join us Sundays - July 15, 22, 29, and August 5,  as we study through the book of Revelation to see why the end is just the beginning.  

panorama (teaching through the bible)

Over these next 12 months, (August 2017-August 2018), we will teach through the Bible, taking a panoramic view of the Bible's epic story, the story of the God that created everything, only to have man turn away. And at great cost, God has done everything to get you back. The Bible invades our lives and becomes part of our story, and we all have a role to play.

• The Bible was written over a span of 2000 years.

• It has 40 different authors.

• It was written from three different continents.

• Its original texts are written in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek).

• Its authors range from kings to shepherds, generals to tax collectors, prophets to fishermen.

• The Bible is made up of many, many different stories.  Yet, from start to finish it remarkably tells one unified story from creation, to fall, to redemption, to ultimate restoration.

Our current series, Undaunted, takes us through the life of Abraham, Issac, Joseph, and the story of the gate of heaven. 


Central Campus - 8, 9:30, 11am

Refuge Campus - 9:30 & 11am

Newport Campus – 11am

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